Oh, hello.

Our last day of the regular 2020 season will be Sunday, September 27th! Keep your eyes peeled for a few fall/winter pop-ups here and there.


Stay safe! Thanks for a great season! We love you!

XOXO: Pop+Dutch

We’re a sandwich shop and pint-sized general store in Provincetown, MA. Come see us for sandwiches, salads, sundries and sass!

16 thoughts on “Oh, hello.

  1. I love my cookbook! My son worked for you a few years ago and I loved the food. I made the pimento and cheese. Not quite yours but so good! Today I cooked small bowtie pasta then after I drained it i stirred in some of the pimento cheese. OMG amazing!

  2. Love this place. Kindest sandwich-shop proprietors on commercial street. And this from a traditionalist who loved the previous business that occupied this space. Well done, Pop+Dutch! (And that gluten-free bread is other worldly, by the way.)

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