About Us

Oh, hello! We’re POP+DUTCH, a sandwich shop and pint-sized specialty grocery in Provincetown, MA. Our shop aims to be a quirky corner store where you can pick up essentials for your beach house, grab a cup of coffee and mingle with friends, eat a hearty sandwich, or pick up an amazing lunch box to enjoy on the beach.

We strive to make everything we possibly can in-house — from the house-made turkey breast and roast beef, to the homemade pimento cheese, to the rotating selection of aguas frescas and seasonal jams. Every day will bring a new round of fresh prepared foods and salads, with selections ranging from classics like potato salad and chicken salad, to new favorites like our greens & grains salad and smashed chickpea salad. Whether you’re hoping for a healthy reprieve from fried clams and lobster rolls, or seeking out a buttery, bacon-y breakfast sandwich to soak up last night’s revelry, POP+DUTCH is gonna feed your face.

We thought you might have a few other questions for us and we’ve got answers — and sandwiches.

Who are you?
We’re Sean Gardner and Rebecca Orchant, two Brooklyn ex-pats who blew east from New Mexico many years ago. Until we moved to Provincetown to start POP+DUTCH, Sean managed Court Street Grocers in Brooklyn, and Rebecca wrote about food for HuffPost Taste. We always knew we wanted to own a sandwich shop together, and over the years it became increasingly clear that Provincetown was where we wanted to do it. So here we are! With your sandwiches!

Who’s Pop and who’s Dutch?
Quick answer: neither of us. Pop and Dutch were the nicknames of Sean’s great-grandparents, who lived just off-Cape in Manomet, MA. Dutch is short for Duchess — which is a nickname Dutch gave to herself, because that’s just the kind of lady she was. Rumor has it that she used to wear elbow gloves just for fun. Pop used to smoke Pall Malls, drink Ballantine Ale and eat sardines right out of the tin. POP+DUTCH aims to pay tribute to their incredible eccentricity, while capturing both the high brow and low brow, just like the real Pop and Dutch did. 

What is the DEAL with your slogan, “Sandwiches. Salads. Lube.”?
When we were looking for restaurant spaces to rent in Provincetown and happened upon 147 Commercial, lots of people in town would say things like, “Oh, we used to call that the lube n’ deli.” “Oh, you mean the leather deli?” “I always called it the S&M deli.”

We loved that bit of history and wanted to make sure it always had a place in POP+DUTCH, which is why along with your sandwiches and salads you can pick up lube, condoms, dog treats, Wiffle ball bats, sunscreen and anything else you might need for a summer day’s adventure in Provincetown.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I purchased one of Sandwiches.Salads.Lube. totes this summer. I use it as my lunch bag. I get lots of second glances when they realize it says lube. I love it! Also, the brioche breakfast sandwich is to die for!

  2. Best of luck in your business venture. Will be up to grab a sammie or cup of Java in August….good season to you and I hope you thrive!

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