Thank you for an amazing first season!

Alright gang, a lot of you come in and say, “how late are you staying open this season?” Here’s the memo from management:

We’ll be open through Halloween weekend with most of our summer menu. And then we’ll see you on weekends (Fri-Sun) through New Year’s.

BUT: We’re tossing the menu. BYYYYEEEEEEE.

Things We Will Have:
a) Coffee and tea. Sometimes cider.
b) Some baked goods.
c) Breakfast sandwiches.
d) A couple lunch sandwiches.
e) A soup.
f) Weird stuff (we made boiled peanuts last week, so WHO KNOWS).

Things We Know:
a) It will be different almost every weekend.
b) It will be made from scratch.
c) It will be fun.
d) And it will probably be a little weird.

Thanks for a super amazing, overwhelming, incredible, exhausting and wonderful first season!

In the meantime, let’s get weird(er).