Thank you for an amazing first season!

Alright gang, a lot of you come in and say, “how late are you staying open this season?” Here’s the memo from management:

We’ll be open through Halloween weekend with most of our summer menu. And then we’ll see you on weekends (Fri-Sun) through New Year’s.

BUT: We’re tossing the menu. BYYYYEEEEEEE.

Things We Will Have:
a) Coffee and tea. Sometimes cider.
b) Some baked goods.
c) Breakfast sandwiches.
d) A couple lunch sandwiches.
e) A soup.
f) Weird stuff (we made boiled peanuts last week, so WHO KNOWS).

Things We Know:
a) It will be different almost every weekend.
b) It will be made from scratch.
c) It will be fun.
d) And it will probably be a little weird.

Thanks for a super amazing, overwhelming, incredible, exhausting and wonderful first season!

In the meantime, let’s get weird(er).

Why We Left NYC To Feed Provincetown Sandwiches

Oh, hello!

We’re Sean Gardner and Rebecca Orchant, two Brooklyn ex-pats who now call the West End of Provincetown home. In May, we’ll officially open Pop+Dutch in the old Provincetown General Store space, and we’re basically overflowing with excitement about meeting every single one of you and putting a sandwich in your face.

Since we’ve moved here, a lot of people have looked us up and down, cocked their heads to the side and said, “what made you move here to do this?” In case you’re wondering the same thing, we wrote a blog post over on HuffPost Taste about it.

Check out Rebecca’s article, “Why I Quit Food Writing To Go Open A Sandwich Shop,” and come see us for coffee, sandwiches, salads, cigarettes, more coffee, condoms, lube, prepared salads and a wholly inappropriate amount of pimento cheese this May!